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The Trust PUSHPA MOSES MEMORIAL CHARITY (P.M.MEM.CHARITY) was established at Ramavarmanchirai on 11th day of April 2008 by the founder and Managing Trustee JEBA PRADEEP.M and running with Managing Partner Smt. SHIBI P.M, residing at 40-B, Pradeep Nivas, Soorankuzhi, Devicode Village, Vilavancode Taluk, Ramavarmanchirai Post, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, 629152.

We desirous to spent 70 % of donations for the betterment of needy people with the objects specified below.

pushpa moses memorial trust in india

WHAT we have done!


1. Educational:

To establish, run, maintain or assist any educational or other institution for coaching, guidance, counseling or vocational training or to grant individual scholarships for poor, deserving and needy students for elementary and higher education.

2. Medical:

To establish, run, maintain or assist any medical institution, nursing home or clinics or to grant assistance to needy and indigent persons for meeting the cost of medical treatment and assist the general public to get insurance cover.

3. Relief of the poor:

To give financial or other assistance in kind by way of distribution of books, notebooks, clothes, uniforms, or meals for the poor and indigent.


  • 1. To start, allot, and assist the general public, irrespective of sex, caste, creed, color or religion, the insurance policies, and impart the awareness about the importance of having insured.
  • 2. To establish, run. Support and grant aid or other financial assistance to schools. Colleges, libraries, reading rooms, laboratories, research and other institutions of the like nature in India, for use of the students and the staff and also for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge amongst the public in general.
  • 3. To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships, and render other kind of aid to students including supply of books, stipends, medals and other incentives to study, without any distinction as to caste, color, race, creed or sex.
  • 4. To promote, establish, support, maintain or grand aid to institutions for the promotion of science, literature, music and fine arts, for the preservation of historical monuments and for the research and other institutions, in India, having similar objects for the benefit of the public in general.
  • 5. To establish, develop, maintain and grant aid in cash or in king to hospitals, medical schools, medical colleges, nursing institutions, dispensaries, maternity homes, child welfare centre's, and / or such other similar charitable institutions in India for the benefit and use of the general public.
  • 6. To acquire property for the sole use for public good by making it available for public purposes as for example, housing a library, clinic, crèche and / or as a community hall to be available for public use as training classes, seminars, and other public function for the benefit of the community in general.
  • 7. To establish, maintain or grant aid to homes for the aged, orphanages or other establishments for the relief and help to the poor, needy and destitute people, orphans widows and aged persons.
  • 8. To establish and develop institutions for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally related persons and to provide them education, food, clothing or other helps.
  • 9. To establish, maintain or grant aid for the establishment and / for maintenance of parks, gardens, gymnasiums, sports clubs and rest houses, for use by public in general.
  • 10. To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as famine, earthquake flood, fire, pestilence etc, and to give donations and other assistance to institutions, establishment or persons engaged in such relief works.
  • 11. To contribute, subscribe and to assist and make gifts to any other trust or organization having objects similar to those of this trust.
  • 12. The objects / activities of the trust shall be carried out only in India.


  • 1. To borrow to raise money at interest from banks or financial institutions or from others or otherwise and pledge, hypothecate or mortgage the movable and immovable securities of the Trust.
  • 2. To purchase, take or lease or hire or otherwise acquire and hold also to sell, hypothecate, pledge, mortgage transfer or lease any movable or immovable property or any right to privilege for the purpose of the trust.
  • 3. To open and operate bank accounts of any description with any Nationalized or Scheduled Banks on such terms and in such manner as the Board of Trustees may deem fit in respect of the particular funds of the various institutions of the Trust and the funds otherwise of the Trust.
  • 4. To educate and train either in India or abroad such person as may be considered necessary by the Board of Trustees for the fulfillment of the objects of the Trust and for the conduct and administration of the Trust and to provide financial or other assistance to them and to meet the expenses of such person going abroad in the course of the activities of the trust and / or attending specialized trainee and / or refresher courses or attending workshop or conferences.
  • 5. To construct or alter or repair any buildings required or used by the Trust.
  • 6. To execute and transfer all the deeds and documents necessary for any of these purposes.
  • 7. To employ persons for the work of the trust on such terms and conditions as may be determined from time to time.
  • 8. To establish and execute any trusts and set up any endowment the undertaking there of may seem desirable either gratuitously or otherwise and which may directly or indirectly promote the purpose of the Trust.
  • 9. To do all such other things are incidental or conductive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Trust.
  • 10. The Income and property of the Trust when so ever derived shall be utilized towards the promotion of the objects of the Trust.


Life Insurance - LIC
General Insurance - United India
Health Insurance - Star Health
Survey, Contract

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